Video Surveillance

Today's businesses need video surveillance solutions more than ever, but the upfront hardware costs are often prohibitive. Powered by our own Data Center, Infrastructure and connectivity through various partners, our Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) reduces the upfront hardware investment as well as the ongoing maintenance and management costs.

We offer following services
Hosted Video
Hosted video provides new possibilities to protect and develop your business. It is perfect for smaller businesses and chain stores to store and monitor video in realtime or from 3 days upto 90 days

Live Surveillance & Anomaly monitoring
Monitored by humans for anamolies in processes, our trained professional staff will immediately identify incidents and send reports to business owners and managers.

Special VSaaS for Banks
We provide Operation video surveillance at branch exterior, entrance, Cash-Counters and ATMs
Recording Modes: Continuous
Connection Type: TCPIP
Transmitted Data: Alarm signals, Images & Transactions using 3rd party multiplexers
Reports: Transactions, ATM events, Sensor Signals, Technical Condition of ATM, Connectivity Condition of Channels via our reporting portal
Supported ATMs: Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold & NCR